Marshall County Central Schools Activities Mission

Marshall County Central Schools Activities provide a dynamic environment which promotes competitiveness, teamwork, and self discipline. Our goal is to build character and teach sportsmanship which will become a life-long trait.

Boys Athletics
  • Football
    Head Coach: Adam Gast
    Assistant Coach: Tom Maki
    JV Coach: Kyle Hestekind
    Junior High Coaches: Hunter Gullikson and TBD
  • Basketball
    Head Coach: Zach Green
    Assistant Coach: Chase Grinsteiner
    C-Team Coach: Jason Skadsem
    Junior High Coaches: Beau Bothum and John Donarski
  • Track
    Head: Terri Peterson
    Assistant: Eric Mimnaugh
  • Baseball
    Head Coach: Jarad Nelson
    Assistant Coach: Hunter Gullikson
    Junior High Coach: TBA
  • Golf
    Coach: Chase Grinsteiner
  • Trap Club
    Coach: Cory Gustafson
Girls Athletics
  • Volleyball
    Head Coach: Missy Thompson
    Assistant Coach: Haylie Anderson
    JV Coach: Kayla Leader
    Junior High Coaches: Matt Nelson and Kelly Magner
  • Basketball
    Head Coach: Sean Spilde
    Assistant Coach: Matt Nelson
    C-Team Coach: Jaren Englund
    Junior High Coaches: TBA & Jessica Hestekind
  • Track
    Head Coach: Terri Peterson
    Assistant: Eric Mimnaugh
  • Softball
    Head Coach: Tom Maki
    Assistant Coach: Ricki Kallhoff
    JH Coach: Heidi Hanson
  • Golf
    Coach: Chase Grinsteiner
  • Trap Club
    Coach: Cory Gustafson
High School Activities
  • Student Council
    Advisor: Denise Sandford
  • School Musical (Spring 2020)
    Advisors: Sheila Nelson and Diane Waterworth
  • Close Up (Spring 2019)
    Advisors: Josh Tharaldson and Eric Mimnaugh
  • Behind-the-Wheel
    Instructor: Trista Lund
  • Yearbook
    Advisor: Lisa Donarski
  • #GoFreeze
    Advisor: Trista Lund and Denise Sandford
  • Pep Band
    Advisor: Shane Baesler
  • Knowledge Bowl
    Advisor: Eric Mimnaugh
  • Robotics
    Advisors: Katie Melgaard and Barry Busacker
  • River Watch
    Advisor: Katie Melgaard
  • Envirothon
    Advisor: Katie Melgaard
  • Jazz Band
    Advisor: Shane Baesler
  • Prom
    Advisor: Laura Underdahl
  • Senior Class
    Advisor: Trista Lund
  • National Honor Society
    Advisor: Angie Peterson
Elementary Activities
  • Afterschool Program
    Advisor: Shannon Converse
  • Youth Tackle Football
    Coordinator: Jeffrey Lund
    Coaches: Tracy Brown, Craig Bakke, Kyle Nelson, and Travis Torgerson
  • Youth Dance
    Coaches: Angie Waterworth
  • Elementary Basketball (Freeze Hoops)
    Freeze Hoops Coordinator: Kayla Nelson
  • Elementary Volleyball
    Coach: Shelby Thoreson
  • Summer Rec & Preschool T-Ball
    Coaches: Terri Peterson & Tom Maki
  • Soccer Camp
    Coach: Terri Peterson
  • Math Masters
    Advisor: Matt Nelson
  • Science Fair
    Advisors: Matt Nelson and Diane Waterworth
  • Spelling Bee
    Advisors: Miki Augustine