Announcements regarding school changes will be made as early as reasonably possible. Decisions are preferably made by 6:00 a.m. for a school delay or closing. If school is already delayed, closing decisions are preferably made by 8:00 a.m. When the forecast is calling for severe weather, or when the weather appears to be severe in the morning, listen to local radio or watch the television news reports for school announcements.

The district will send out an announcement via the autocalling system if school is delayed, closed, or ending early. If you are not receiving an autocall and wish to, please contact the high school office (218) 874-7225.

MCC District will also notify the following TV and Radio Stations:


  • KTRF (1230 AM)

  • KKAQ (1460 AM)

  • KKDQ (99.3 AM)


  • WDAZ (Channel 8)

  • KVLY (Channel 11)


School Readiness/Pre-School and Headstart will follow the same schedule as other school classes. If there is a delay in start, cancellation, or early dismissal of school, the same will occur to School Readiness/Pre-School or Head Start students.