HS Rendering

Marshall County Central Schools District seeks vote August 9 for 18.9 million dollar building project bond. 

After many years of steady growth, careful analysis, many public meetings, the Marshall County Central School Board is seeking voter approval August 9 to address needs.

Providing adequate space is the school district's primary need. Viking Elementary currently lacks adequate space for special education, preschool, music, kitchen storage, and cafeteria seating. Newfolden Elementary currently lacks space for a music room, library,  junior high sports, and the lunchroom is not large enough to continue hosting both the high school and the elementary. In recent years, sending elementary students across street for music and library has been utilized but this has parents and the community concerned for safety. MCC High School does not have a cafeteria, lacks space for junior high athletics, and its weight room is currently too small for hosting team practices and workout. Space needs have fixed schedule preventing flexibility and limiting options. 

The new plan this year came together after several meetings this past fall and winter by the school board along with 20-30 community members and teachers. Several plans and options were discussed ultimately narrowing down ideas to three plans. Careful analysis of the three plans led us to our current one as it was the most affordable while still addressing needs. 

This plan is different than last year's plan in several ways. Newfolden Elementary School is retained and used as a school building. This plan moves students from one building to another which creates needed space and reduces overall construction needs. The NWRIC building is left as is which reduces project costs. In the end, the project costs are reduced by 3 million dollars. There are several other financial improvements this time around. Enbridge's line 3 improvements will increase its share in paying for the project. The state of Minnesota Ag2School tax program also improves helping reduce area farmers share.  Ultimately 70% of the project is paid for by the state of Minnesota and our four top tax paying entities (Enbridge, Great Lakes Gas Transmission, Otter Tail Power, and Soo Line Railroad). This reduces our local taxpayers share of project and provides significant investment by the state and interstate entities to help improve our school. 

The Minnesota Property Tax Rebate is something important every taxpayer should study. Many homeowners and renters will qualify for the program which will reduce their tax payment due to the rebate. 

Informational flyers were sent to all households this week. Ballots will be sent out at the end of June and arrive in July. 

The school is hosting two question/answer sessions where individuals can meet with board members to learn more and ask questions. The first opportunity is in Newfolden at the High School on Monday, June 20 at 6:30 p.m. The second opportunity is at Viking School on Wednesday, June 22 at 6:30 p.m.

Visit our website: www.buildmccstrong.org to learn more about the challenges, solutions, what's different, and other helpful information.