The vote total from the election: 353 yes; 342 no. Thank you to everyone who voted in the school election! Like last year's vote the outcome was very close. The result will allow the school board to take the next steps to authorize the bonding and begin the preliminary work for the upcoming project to address the needs for our students presented in the election information. Thank you to everyone that voiced opinions last year as it helped reshape thoughts on how to address our students' needs. Thank you to parents, staff, and community members who joined the board on our facility working group. Thank you to staff and community members for conversations with board members and administrators. Thank you to those who came to ask questions and share concerns at public meetings. All your thoughts and opinions mattered and were important to listen to along the way. The election results bring exciting news for our community as it will help provide needed space enhancing options for preschool, improving learning space for special education, eliminate students crossing the street from elementary for music and gym, eliminate students crossing the street from high school for lunch, add parking, and add additional space for multipurpose learning and activities. The school board and administration understand the responsibilities that come with the results and will do their best to make decisions and manage the funds involved so they meet the needs identified. Along the way we will provide open lines of communication to keep our community informed of progress. Thank you all for voting! #mccstrong
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high school
MCC Election Results: 353 yes; 342 no #buildmccstrong
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Election Results
Thank you MCC Residents! Voting Results will be shared after votes are counted.
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Thank you!
Please share this I Voted sticker!
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I voted!
Election Day! Please remember to Vote! The polling place is the Marshall County Courthouse in Warren. You may drop off your ballot or vote there. They are open 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
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Vote today!
MCC Families: This is superintendent Jeffrey Lund reminding you to the school referendum vote is tomorrow August 9. Thank you if you already voted. We want everyone to have the opportunity to vote in the election. If you have not yet returned your mail ballot or if you need to register to vote, you may still bring your ballot to the courthouse in Warren or register to vote and vote on election day. The courthouse will be open from 7AM to 8PM. If you would like additional information, please either go to the school district's website and click on Voting Info or go to the Minnesota Secretary of State's website at If you need to register make sure you bring one of the following items: Minnesota Drivers License or ID, Approved Photo ID and an approved document with current name and address, or a Registered voter who can confirm your address. A full reference for registering on election day can be found here: If you have any questions, reach out to Marshall County Auditor/Treasurer office for assistance (218) 745-4851. Thank you for your time!
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Your Vote Counts
Marshall County Emergency Management is seeking Public Input as they update the County's Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan. Comments, concerns, and questions should be submitted to Marshall County Emergency Management by phone or e-mail. There will be additional opportunities for public feedback throughout the planning process. A plan draft will be made available for public review prior to submission to the state of Minnesota. Federal Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 requires counties to update their plan every 5 years to maintain eligibility for FEMA's Hazard Mitigation Assistance grant programs. Contact: Josh Johnston Marshall County Emergency Management Director (218) 745-5841
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Vote Tomorrow!!
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Vote Tomorrow
MCC Families: If your transportation needs have changed for the upcoming school year, we ask that you reach out to Adam Lokstad in the Bus Garage. Please e-mail details to Adam at or contact Adam via phone: (218) 874-7291 or (218) 689-1767.
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School Bus
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School Supply Lists
MCC High School Students, the MSHSL is looking for students who are interested in being trained to host conversations and raise awareness about student conduct, bullying, gender, race and other issues. If you are interested please contact Charlie Campbell or Lisa Quednow at 763-560-2262.
12 days ago, Brian Longerbone
Ballot Question Reminder: Our question is on the back of the primary ballot.
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Ballot Question
#BUILDMCCSTRONG TO IMPROVE LEARNING & SAFETY FOR OUR STUDENTS MCC Community, This week is the last opportunity to vote and get your ballot in the mail to count for the upcoming School Election. If you wait until the end of the week, we advise you to drive your ballot to the courthouse in Warren. Ballots must arrive by August 9 to count. Polls will be open at the courthouse until 8:00 p.m. on Monday evening. We ask families to reference to gather final information regarding the election. This website contains what's different compared to last year, the challenges, the solutions planned, and tax information. It also contains an FAQ page with some common questions/answers. The county auditor's office showed us preliminary numbers from the state in regards to the state assessed entities. The share by Enbridge and the other state assessed entities was confirmed to be better than our tax information provided. Although preliminary it confirms those large entities will be paying in a range of 70-76% of this project. There are many solutions this project will provide: - Additional preK space in Viking - Quality learning space for special education students - Restroom for staff/families in Viking - Better hallway access to Viking Cafeteria - More seating in Viking Cafeteria - Handicap accessible, larger music room in Viking - Nurse's office adjacent to school office in Viking - Additional office space in Viking - A music room for Newfolden Elementary - A library/multipurpose space for Newfolden Elementary - Parking lot for staff and visitors at Newfolden Elementary - Crossing street daily eliminated for elementary students - Dedicated parent drop off at MCC High School - 5th and 6th Grade classroom area at MCC High School - Multipurpose space for 5-12 to utilize - Repairs/Replacement of Pavement at MCC High School - Commons/Cafeteria for High School Students - Crossing street daily eliminated for high school students - Secondary multipurpose gym to host gym class for grades 5/6, junior high volleyball/basketball, music programs/assemblies, robotics and other extra curriculars, youth basketball and tournaments, youth volleyball and tournaments, open gym, and other community uses - Larger weightroom for teams/classes which will also feature community access times This plan was put together with the help of a community working group featuring 20-30 people in attendance at multiple meetings looking at multiple options taking into consideration all the feedback gathered during and after the election last year. The goal of this project is to meet space needs now while still supporting our future needs. An additional goal is to increase safety by eliminating crossing the street. We understand there are always questions and concerns. We've appreciated people raising questions and sharing their thoughts along the way. These space needs have been around for a long time and considerable effort was brought forward to formulate this plan which is respectable in costs and will meet our needs. Enrollment for the coming year is expected to grow. So far we have 18 new students planning to attend and know of 6 moving out. Please take the time to review the information and vote!
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High School
Newfolden Elementary
Viking Elementary
The weight room will be closed until further notice as custodians begin waxing the floors in the high school.
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Reminder to Vote!
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Reminder to Vote #2
Do you have any questions about the upcoming referendum?
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School District Contact Information
Sports Physicals: If your athlete is planning on playing a sport this upcoming school, they will need to have an valid sports physical on file. Sports physicals are valid for three calendar years from date of physical. Athletes entering grades 7 and 10 are most likely going to need one. If you are not sure if your athlete has an updated physical on file you can contact the office. Most clinics should have forms otherwise there are forms in the office. Athletes are not allowed to practice until they have a valid physical on file in the office.
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Fall Sports Parent Meetings; Grades 7-12 Volleyball will be in Karlstad on Tuesday, 8/2 at 7:00 pm Football will be in Newfolden on Thursday, 8/4 at 7:00 p
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Early Voting Reminder!
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Early Voting Reminder!
FYI - Location Change: The upcoming Pacesetter Basketball Camp scheduled for August 2-4 has been moved to the Tri-County School in Karlstad due to gym repair/refinishing project in Newfolden. All times remain the same. We apologize for the inconvenience. The gym floor in Newfolden is near completion, but needs to receive it's clear coat and dry time. Here's a sneak peak at the new design!
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Gym Floor
Gym Floor 2
Gym Floor 3